The Top Three Dangers of the Do-It-Yourself Web Sites and Web Site Templates

September 27, 2017

You see them everywhere today: Template Web Sites. Television is full of advertising about the ease of Do-It-Yourself Web Sites and the benefits of having their company maintain it for you. But, brands face unseen dangers when using either of these strategies for their companies.

  1. Limited Technology - When you choose to use a Do-It-Yourself web site, you have very limited access to what functionality you can incorporate. If there isn't an existing widget or plug-in within the Do-It-Yourself platform, you more than likely can't implement that functionality.

  2. Sameness - When everyone starts using the same template, everyone's web site starts to look the same. Can you imagine how boring this is to your customers? Most often these templates don't allow you to change the layout very easily and you are usually confined by the layouts existing structure. This makes it very challenging to make a unique web site for your companies brand.

  3. Ownership and Security - If you sign up for a Do-It-Yourself web site through a company like Wix, HubSpot,, Squarespace, or GoDaddy, you are usually not the owner of your source code and it will be next to impossible to move the site to your own server and control your own data. It doesn't matter if you choose a free or a paid/premium account, you will not have true ownership of your web site. Similarly, you are at a greater risk of a mass hacking, should those templates or Do-It-Yourself platform be targeted.

Some businesses think they are saving time by using a template instead of custom design or saving money by using a Do-It-Yourself web platform. In truth, it's better to have a trusted web design team that will grow with you and your business so you won't be forced to conform your unique brand around a template or limit your functionality around a Do-It-Yourself web platform.

The number of times our team has heard horror stories about clients wanting to move their web site but can't, add custom functionality to their Do-It-Yourself web site but can't get access to the source code or customer service/technical support nightmares where they can't understand the representative is countless.