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About Atlanta's Web Experts

Web Experts is full service, non-outsourcing agency based in Atlanta, Georgia since 1997. We believe that highly experienced, local talent understands business needs better than offshore developers. We know that achieving results, accountability and ethical business practices is why we have remained in business for over two decades. Our company utilizes the Agile Methodology, in regards to development. This allows our clients to see the project evolve and gives our clients a chance to provide feedback before the final product is delivered. Clients think of us as partners on every project and we take that honor seriously. We have worked with countless small and mid-size businesses to handle tasks of all sizes. We have also worked with Grammy award winning music producers, Fortune 500 companies, Level 1 trauma centers, and media conglomerates to solve some of their most mission critical needs.

Meet The Team

Picture of the Web Experts team

Our company does not take the name Web Experts lightly. The Web Experts team is comprised of experienced project managers, meticulous designers, and full stack developers. We are able to listen to the clients needs, speak to the client about ideas and have a long track record of executing the client's vision beyond their expectations. We have a healthy mix of in-house talent and trusted partners ensuring your project will be completed on time and on budget, no matter the size or scope.

We are a full service agency with twenty years of experience and some brilliant clients.
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Grady Health System
Ted Turner
JEZEBEL Magazine
Decatur Community Coalition

Meet Our CEO

Elliott Augustine, Founder & CEO

Elliott is the quintessential full stack developer, being highly proficient at programming and design. Elliott's professional experience revolves around working with the clients, managing a technical team, and programming. His father owned several computer schools throughout Georgia in the 80s, so he grew up surround by technology. He truly loves programming apps and web design. In his free time he is an active member of the Rotary Club and he also loves flying drones ( just Google "American Drone Industries" ).

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